“How To Become A Virtual CEO & Build A Huge Business”

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sbe054-chris-duckerShow Notes

In today’s show we get up close and personal with Mr Chris Ducker, a British born entrepreneur who’s the founder and CEO of Virtual Staff Finder and the Live To Sell Group of companies.

Also in the show

Here’s just a few things you learn;

  • How to get your children to focus on their future without saying one word (It’s a quote from an American novelist).
  • Why it’s important more now than ever to build a personal brand, and the easiest way to do it and dominate your space (Special community announcement).
  • Chris shares how to avoid the inevitable burnouts of having the “superhero syndrome”, which many business people face within 5 years of starting their company that can have lethal consequences.
  • Chris shares the big difference between traditional and the self-publishing route, if you’re considering writing a book for positioning purposes (One option can 10x your income immediately).
  • Revelations of the late night infomercial industry and the lessons Chris “007” Ducker Gleaned and how they apply to you.
  • Revealed… The content knowledge bomb Rule No1; To be used after you’ve built an audience.
  • Discover the real aim of building your audience or tribe!!! Think fantasy football teams and there you will find the answer…

Hit play now to get even more elevating knowledge to soar you to higher heights of productivity and profitability.

Success Quote

  • The way to be nothing, Is be nothing. Nathaniel Hawthorne

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  • Crush It – Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Virtual Freedom – Chris C. Ducker


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