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sbe052-patrick-m-powersShow Notes

In this week’s podcast Rob gets to interview Mr Patrick M. Powers who is one of Europe’s top business coaches and one of the most prolific authors trainers on the subjects of marketing, lead generation, he share his knowledge of how to start businesses with little or no money and how to get your income on autopilot.

Patrick has written 3 highly acclaimed business books and has been a consultant to BBC advising the main character of the show on networking and pitching strategies.

Patrick is the founder of www.entrepreneursinlondon.co.uk Europe’s biggest business meetup now with over 16,000 members

Also in the show

Here’s just a few things you learn;

  • How to overcome social anxiety and live the life of your dreams (these concepts are drop dead simple).
  • How to start a proven home based business that can earn you 6 a figure plus lifestyle for under £100 and the best part you don’t need any fancy skills or certificates or letters after your name…
  • The best way you can use falling flat on your face failure experiences to change your course of your destiny (Patrick makes it crystal clear what you need to do  to make that subtle shift).
  • Do You Know the two essential requirements every business person need to master? à Get the lowdown 17mins into the podcast ß
  • Around the 19 min  mark of the podcast( PMP) reveals the domain which has over 800 archived blog posts that could make you tens of thousands of pounds once you decided to master the art and the science of crafting  words.
  • How to avoid pitch fatigue and the ramification of making costly business mistakes because you’ve been hit by the boredom syndrome.

Hit play now to get even more elevating knowledge to soar you to higher heights of productivity and profitability.

Success Quote

  • Throw me to the wolves and I will come back leading the Pack

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