In this post I’m going to reveal a little known tactic that the best marketers will pull out of the tool box to get the audience to take a particular course of action. But first a little back story to help put this into context. Imagine you’re having a conversation with your child (in this case my daughter) about school and you ask the question how do you feel it’s going, she replies “Good thanks – Parents evening in a few weeks”.

Fast forward a couple of weeks.


Dad you know a couple of weeks ago you asked me how school was going! Yes, Jordane pauses and starts clearing her throat well I need to explain something to you my face starts to tighten and eyebrows raised I’m bracing myself for(some not so good news), Jordane goes on to explain she dropped down a set in history and French.


What’s happened? Jordane explains that she finds the subject boring. “Hmm” I think I will do a little more digging to discover what’s really going on. It turns out to be a personality clash with the two teachers concerned.


What will I get as a reward if the rest of my school report is good?


What would you like?


In a split second out pops a Michael Kors watch please…


I wanted to fall about laughing because at age (13) my dad’s response would be keep up the good work, that’s what I send you to school for.

But my response was sure thing on one condition, I need you to do me a favour.


“Yes”, she responded.


I need you to do a short presentation in front of some people. I knew she didn’t like speaking in front of people, so I was trying to accomplish a few things here. First to see how she would negotiate with me, she tried her puppy eyes seduction twist you’re your finger look that got rebutted, she tried a number of different angles but my answer was a firm no.


Eventually after some tug of war objection handling she said yes. Because I kept her focus on the reward which was the watch, plus I didn’t want her having any hang-ups about public speaking.

Pay attention now…

Your about to discover the real marketing jewels in the crown I was alluding to earlier, the one that “A” list Marketers pull out the tool box.

In Mid-April 2016 I was advised we’re doing an event targeting 50 people, at that point there had been no promotion, no tickets sold, no venue booked, no theme, no website. However by the power of the Miracle Marketing God we hosted a very successful event called the IPM Business Breakthrough.

The target audience was network marketers, consultants and business owners. The big promise was we will arm with the tools to consistently produce 5 to 6 figure revenues every month deploying the right influence, persuasion, marketing and mind-set strategies.

In this one day paid event, the goals was for delegates to go away with multiple Drop Dead simple concepts they could use immediately with little or no marketing budget.

My Key Note was about Power Positioning Secrets, It included 7 tactics any individual could use to build a brand or persona in any niche to gain market share even if no one’s heard of you.

Something I’ve taught clients and used personally to enter two niches previously.


Watch the short Clip Of Power Positioning Secrets


Have You figured out what the little known underutilised secret is?

It’s what known as a “pattern interrupt”.

My daughters 90 second speech was pattern interrupt.

Let’s expand on what a pattern interrupt is.

A pattern can be interrupted by any unexpected or sudden movement or response. Have you ever messed up someone’s story by asking a question for instance and they can’t remember where they were?

What happens is they experience momentary confusion, and sometimes even amnesia.

Have you ever started to do something and after being interrupted can’t remember what it was?

This confusion state can make you open to suggestion. (Hint, hint, clue, clue)


Read her speech and look at how Jordane sets up the frame for the offer, which was made to the attendees 7 hours later to Join the Vortex Coaching Programme.

“Hi I’m Jordane Skye Smith,

I’m 13 years of age I attend Hampstead Hall Academy School Located in North East Birmingham.

And I want to share with you a simple truth for rapid success in business and life.

But before I do.

I want to share with you my goal for coming here today.

There are actually two.

One to be more confident in speaking in front of an audiences.

The second to have better understanding of how my Dad helps people in his business.

So Are you ready to discover this profound truth of success?

My Dad says there only TWO ways to master success and they both start with M.

  1. Making Mistakes but figuring out the right way to do it
  2. Get a Mentor who has already figured it out so you don’t have to

Does that make sense?

Enjoy the conference”


There’s a number of moving parts happening in her 90 second speech, at a very deep physiological level which fly under the radar of the untrained eye.

In a future post I will do a complete breakdown.

Some of you reading this may feel this is manipulation or exploitation, I refer to as influence and persuasion, if you’re using this concept for wrong doing, then it is exploitation.


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