Learn How Powerful Headlines and Titles will explode your Marketing Success!

I see on many occasions people who provide great products and services only to be let down by the headlines they use to market themselves, their products or services.

This is the most important part of […]

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How A 13 year old girl uses a Communication Secret to Influence An Audience of Savvy Business People.

In this post I’m going to reveal a little known tactic that the best marketers will pull out of the tool box to get the audience to take a particular course of action. But first a little back story to help […]

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How to Influence, Persuade and Inspire People Effortlessly…  

Did you know the best way to influence people is wrapping your message into a story?

It’s something I realised on AN unconscious level probably around 4 years of age.

In fact, in preschool I used to look forward to the […]

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