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SBE057 – Leon & Rob – Roundup Show Ep 36-50

“Roundup Show Episodes 36-50″

Part 1:

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Part 2:

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sbe057-rob-leonShow Notes

We review episodes 36 – 50 of the Small Business Elevation podcast with our added take and humour for this two part show.


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SBE056 – Harun Rabbani

“How To Become A Heart Centred Business & Explode Your Profits”

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sbe056-Harun-RabbaniShow Notes

In today’s episode Leon interviews Harun Rabbani the ‘Heart Centred Entrepreneur’ founder of UnTangled FM and Television, and is now on a new mission to transform the world of media.

If you were to slice through Harun Rabbani with a katana (Samurai sword), you will find the words ‘heart centred entrepreneur’ scribed in every cell and organ! Since a very young age, he refused to conform or accept mediocrity whether it be in Martial Arts, where he became British Kickboxing champion and coached his students to become world champions; or whether it be in the world of sales where he became the global champion for two blue chip companies; or be it in the speaking and training world where he’s helped thousands transform their lives and their businesses.


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SBE055 – John Lee

“How to Double or Triple Revenue In 30 days or Less.”

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sbe055-John-leeShow Notes

In today’s show, Rob & Leon interview John Lee who is the co-founder of Wealth Dragons Limited, as well as a successful property investor and co-author of The Wealth Dragon Way: The Why, The When & The How to Become Infinitely Wealthy, with Vincent Wong.

John is a sought after speaker, coach, motivator and trainer who has, in the past, shared international stages with the likes of Sir Richard Branson, Lord Alan Sugar and Anthony Robbins, amongst others.


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SBE054 – Chris Ducker

“How To Become A Virtual CEO & Build A Huge Business”

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sbe054-chris-duckerShow Notes

In today’s show we get up close and personal with Mr Chris Ducker, a British born entrepreneur who’s the founder and CEO of Virtual Staff Finder and the Live To Sell Group of companies.


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SBE053 – Bernardo Moya

“How To Become the Best Version of You”

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sbe053-bernado-moyaShow Notes

In this week’s podcast Leon & Rob interview Bernardo Moya the publisher, editor and founder of The Best You. Bernardo is the Chief Inspirational officer. The Best You are experts in lifestyle enhancement who believe everyone deserves to realise their dreams.


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SBE052 – Patrick M Powers

“How to build a business when you’re bootstrapped for cash…”

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sbe052-patrick-m-powersShow Notes

In this week’s podcast Rob gets to interview Mr Patrick M. Powers who is one of Europe’s top business coaches and one of the most prolific authors trainers on the subjects of marketing, lead generation, he share his knowledge of how to start businesses with little or no money and how to get your income on autopilot.

Patrick has written 3 highly acclaimed business books and has been a consultant to BBC advising the main character of the show on networking and pitching strategies.

Patrick is the founder of www.entrepreneursinlondon.co.uk Europe’s biggest business meetup now with over 16,000 members


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SBE051 – Des O’Connor

“How to Restructure Your Career When Life Gets in the Way”

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sbe051-des-o-connorShow Notes

In today’s podcast  Rob  & Leon  interview the  UK leading dating expert Des O Connor about his incredible  journey that has been filled with many challenges financially and relationship-wise and how he has overcome them to become an outstanding leader in the Dating and Social Media niche.

Des has hosted numerous sold-out live seminars, workshops and webinars in London and has coached clients throughout the UK and Internationally on how to find the right person to date.

Des has appeared on various TV programmes and radio shows, serving as a guest expert on how people can build stronger relationships.

He is a father of two young girls and a mentor to many other young people and adults.


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SBE050 – Sam Ashdown

“How to Skyrocket Your Results with a USP”

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sbe050-sam-ashdownShow Notes

In today’s episode Rob & Leon interview Sam Ashdown who in less than 3 years has risen through the ranks to be considered one of the best marketing consultants in the estate agency industry, she shares her journey, warts and all, of how she navigated to the top and how you can to by delivering value.

Sam is a lead generation expert for estate agents, helping them grow their businesses using up-to-the-minute marketing tactics. She runs a specialist consultancy that works with a select number of independent estate agents.


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SBE049 – Simon Newell

“How to Overcome FEAR & Doubt and WIN Big in Business”

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sbe049-simon-newellShow Notes

In this week’s episode Rob and Leon interview Simon Newell, an Irish entrepreneur who started in business at 20 years old and he built a nationwide company to thousands of customers. Using a direct to consumer business model, distributing and selling high end water filtration units.

He believes in studying and then implementing what he has learnt. He is a believer of working on your business not in it. The economy and business is changing fast, you need to be able to change with it or your business will decline.

Learn the Rinse and Repeat Ritual: Simon swears by it, he performs this ritual morning, noon and night – this has helped him attain his lofty goals and can help you too. (it’s as easy  as washing your hair in the shower).


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SBE048 – Ava Eagle Brown

“It AIN’T Where You Start That Counts”

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sbe048-ava-eagle-brownShow Notes

In today’s show Rob interviews Miss Ava Eva Brown who is an author consultant and coach. Ava shares her inspirational story of how she overcame her childhood adversities of being sexually molested by her father living in abstract poverty as one of nine children.

Through Ava’s remarkable story you will learn the importance of courage and persistence.

Ava Brown is the author of the book “Bamboo & Fern” her recently published biography. She received her 2nd MBA from The University of Wales and her 1st from Newport University California.

Ava was recently nominated for London Leadership Peace Award, been a Finalist for Fashion Fair Diva, an Author of Colour International Women’s Day 2015 as well as being featured In the Financial Times, The Guardian, The Voice Newspaper & the Jamaican Gleaner.


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